Hella Coastal Face Mask
Hella Coastal Face Mask
Black Brew Culture

Hella Coastal Face Mask

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Our goal is to diversify the craft beer industry by creating a space for Black, Brown and all allies who celebrate each other's differences, share culture and can come together in a welcoming environment and experience the joy of beer. We aim to create approachable brews that experienced and novice beer drinkers can toast to. During our frequent trips to beer gardens, bar hopping and R&D, we were shocked to find out that of the 8,000 plus breweries in the country there are only a little more than 60 Black owned and operated breweries, when there should be at least well over 1,000 by now.


By the industry not being diverse it creates an uncomfortable drinking experience in predominantly White bars. While the beer drinking side of the industry is becoming more diverse, the ownership and production side has maintained its homogeneous roots. Not only do we want equality in the industry, but what we need is equity and ownership to become producers and not only consumers.


In a city that has birthed the Black Panther Party, influenced the Hip-Hop industry, created our own lingo and was once one of the Chocolate Cities, it’s a shame that none of the breweries in Oakland are Black owned. We’re here to disrupt the status quo and represent our perspective, creativity and culture in the brewing industry.


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Specs: 4.2 oz., 100% Cotton. 30 singles. No pleats. Premium double stitch construction for long lasting durability. Designed for comfort around ears & face. Washable and reusable. Non-medical grade


Available sizes: One size. 7" W x 5" L


Designed for: Avoiding COVID-19.